Notes on lottery applications

Notes on lottery applications





□■With the new EMS regulations, bottles can not be shipped overseas.Therefore,bottle delivery is domestic only.■□

1. Only one bottle of each item per person can be applied for.

・There will be a total of 10 types of original bottles this time!

・Please choose only the items you can afford to purchase.

2. Only one entry per person is allowed.

・If we find that the same person has applied more than once, all applications will be voided.

・If we determine that the application was submitted using the application form, the application will be invalidated.

・If there are any changes to your application, please enter the changes in the remarks column and re-apply.

・Please contact us by e-mail or phone if you wish to change the details of your application (delivery address, etc.) after the application period has ended.

3.  Lottery and product delivery will differ for each item.

・The timing of the bottling of each bottle is different. Therefore, we will determine the date of the drawing and delivery only after the details have been finalized.

・The timing of release is different for each item. Please refer to the product specifications page to confirm the approximate delivery date.

・The delivery date is only a rough estimate at this point. Details will be announced at the time of the lottery results.

・Please note that the delivery date may change depending on the circumstances. Please understand in advance. 

4. Only the winners of the lottery will be notified of the results.

・The results of the lottery will be postcard to the winners.

・We will not be able to answer any inquiries regarding the lottery results. Please understand that we will not be able to answer any inquiries regarding the lottery results.

5. The scheduled delivery date will be announced in the prize announcement.

・The scheduled delivery date will be indicated in the prize guide. Please confirm the date.

・Please specify your preferred delivery time as much as possible at the time of application.

・The delivery schedule is only an estimate at this time. The delivery schedule is subject to change depending on the availability of the product.

・In principle, we do not accept changes in delivery address after shipment, except in unavoidable circumstances.

・If you change the delivery address due to relocation or other reasons, please contact us as far in advance as possible.

・If you are unable to notify us in advance, please inform us of the change at least two days prior to the scheduled delivery date indicated in the announcement sent to the winners.

・Please note that we will ship each item individually. To prevent incorrect shipments, we cannot accept mixed shipments with other items. Please understand this beforehand.

6.  Only COD is accepted as a payment method.

・Please note that only COD is accepted as a payment method.

・We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and electronic money at the time of delivery.

・The "00 Series" will be shipped from the importer, RUDDER. Payment for this item cannot be made in any form of payment other than cash at the time of delivery. The winner will be asked separately by RUDDER to make a credit card payment. Please check the information provided.

・In addition to the product price, a separate COD shipping and handling fee of 1,300 yen will be charged.

■Late July・・・Absinte gin#002 AKAYANE×WHISKY TALK

■Early August・・"Nignt and Adventure#8" Glenrothes1997

■Late August・・・"Pathos#5 Inspiration" Dailuaine2009

■Early September・・・"Nignt and Adventure#9"GlenGrant1997

■Early November・・・KANOSUKE DISTILLERY "Crane&Sky#02"

■Mid-November・・・MARS TSUNUKI DISTILLERY "Sun&Phenix#07"

■Early December・・・CHICHIBU DISTILLERY "Moon&Vanishing Animals#11"

■Undecided・・・"Pathos#6 Curiosity" Glen Elgin2008
・・・"Charity Whisky for KUMAMOTO Castle#5" Bunnabhabin2006


(1)Please be careful not to enter your e-mail address incorrectly.
Please confirm that you have proceeded to the application completion screen. When your application is completed, an application completion confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent to you.

(2) Please check your e-mail settings (spam e-mail settings).
We recommend that you register "" in the domain specified to ensure that you receive our e-mails.

(3) Request to customers who have registered cell phone e-mails 
Please make sure that you have set up your e-mail settings in advance so that you can receive e-mails from PCs.