“Whisky Talk Fukuoka” is the largest “whisky festival” in Kyushu(Japan).
Many manufacturers and wholesalers of whisky submit to this event.
We are trying to let much more people know the charm of whisky.


  • 2024/6/9“Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2024” was successfully held. Thank you for visiting us.

  • 2024/4/1NOTES and TICKET pages have been updated.

  • 2024/3/26NOTES, TICKET, and SEMINAR pages have been updated.

  • 2024/3/11Tickets go on sale from [April 9th (Tuesday) 10:00am.]

    • NOTES Be sure to check it out before you come!
    • TICKET Sold only on the official website
    • SEMINAR There are two main types of seminars
    • VENUE MAP The venue has been changed
    • PRIVATE BOTTLES Priority sales for visitors
    Notes on applying for private bottle lottery


    • EVENT


    Time from the nearest

    • From Gofukumachi Subway Station -

      15 min. walk

      From Subway Nakasu Kawabata Station -

      18 min. walk from Nakasu Kawabata Subway Station

    • Hakata Terminal -

      10 minutes by cab

    • Fukuoka Airport -

      15 minutes by cab

      5 minutes by subway, walk from JR Hakata Station to bus stop No. 88/BRT in front of Nishi-Nippon City Bank at Hakata Station, about 15 minutes to Marine Messe.

      ■ MarinemesseB《Access》