NOTES 注意事項



  • Venue has been changed
  • Ticket sales are only avallable on the official website
  • Applications for private bottles will be conducted ata later date on the official website
  • Please present your ticket to the reception staff
  • Fover,poor health,persons in close contact and others are not allowed to enter
  • Please wear a mask
  • We will take your temperature at the time of your visit
  • Disinfect hands frequently
  • Please line up and walt in line until a staff member shows you the way
  • Staff lnstructions Please follow
  • Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited except in the hall
  • Please allow an interval
  • Elevator is For downstairs use only
  • Please come with minimal baggage


※Please read

  1. 1.Change of venue

    The venue will be changed from the previous venue to "Hakata International Exhibition Hall".
    It is conveniently located near Fukuoka Airport and Hakata Station.
    For details, please refer to "Access" on the TOP page.

  2. 2.Ticket sales method will be changed.

    In order to facilitate smooth registration, both admission tickets and seminar tickets will be sold only on the official website.
    There will be no tickets available on the day of the event. Only you can purchase tickets.
    Membership registration is required for all purchases.
    Please refer to the "Ticket" and "Seminar" pages for details.

  3. 3.Private Bottle Registration has been changed.

    In order to prevent congestion, we will not distribute registration forms at the venue this time, but will accept applications through the official website.
    After the event, we will send you another email with more details.
    However, we will manage your ID based on your membership information registered at the time of ticket purchase.
    Those who have not purchased tickets or have not yet registered for membership will not be eligible for the event.

    Tasting will be available at the "Official Booth" on the event day.
    However, the number of tasting samples is limited and will be closed as soon as they are gone.
    Tasting samples will not be distributed at all times.
    Distribution times will be set. Please understand this beforehand.
    Please confirm the distribution time at the "Official Booth" on the day of the event.

  4. 4.Please present your ticket to the staff.

    After purchasing your ticket, we will send you the ticket by e-mail after confirming the contents of your order.
    On the day of the event, please present your cell phone or a printout of your ticket to the reception staff.
    If you do not present your ticket, you may not be allowed to enter the venue.

    If you lose your ticket, we will reissue a new ticket.
    However, please note that we can only reissue tickets up to 4 days prior to the event.
    Please understand this in advance.

  5. 5.Persons who fall under any of the following categories may not be admitted to the event.

    Admission will be denied to the following persons

    • Persons with a fever (37.5°C or higher)
    • Persons who are not in good physical condition
    • Persons who are suspected to be infected by a positive person, a person in close contact with a positive person, or a person in close proximity to a positive person.
    • Those who do not follow the instructions of the staff.
  6. 6.Please wear a mask

    When alcohol is consumed, people tend to talk loudly.
    Please wear a mask when not tasting alcohol.

  7. 7.We will take your temperature when you arrive.

    We will take your temperature at the reception desk or while waiting for you to enter the venue.
    Those whose temperature is 37.5°C or higher will not be allowed to enter the venue. Please understand this beforehand.

  8. 8.Please disinfect your hands frequently.

    Please disinfect your hands frequently not only before admission, but also during the event.

  9. 9.Please line up at intervals until you are allowed to enter the venue.

    According to the instructions of Hakata International Exhibition Hall, you will not be allowed to enter the lobby on the 1st floor of the venue until the opening time.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait in line around the lobby building from the lobby entrance. We appreciate your cooperation.

  10. 10.Please follow the instructions of our staff.

    Please follow the instructions of staff members not only at the entrance and reception desk, but also if you are behaving in a manner that is unacceptable.
    Please follow the instructions of the staff.
    If you fail to do so, you may be asked to leave the venue. Please understand this beforehand.

  11. 11.Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited outside the hall.

    Eating and drinking are only allowed in the hall. Please do not take food and drinks out of the hall to other areas (lobby, foyer, etc.).
    In the unlikely event that you do damage or stain the venue, you will be charged for cleaning or repairing the damage.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  12. 12.Please be careful not to get honey

    To prevent infectious diseases, please be as careful as possible not to get close to each other.

  13. 13. The elevator is for downstairs only.

    Please use the escalators when entering the building.
    Elevators are for downstairs use only.
    However, if you are in a wheelchair or have other difficulty using the escalators, please notify a staff member.

  14. 14.Please minimize the amount of baggage you bring with you.

    The coin lockers at the venue are limited and cannot be used.
    Please come with a minimum amount of luggage.