NOTES 注意事項

NOTES 注意事項


  • change venue
  • No visitors under 20 years of age
  • Please don't come by car
  • Tickets are sold only on the official website
  • Change to digital ticket
  • Tickets cannot be canceled or refunded
  •  Ticket email must be kept
  • Change in application method for private bottle
  • Don't forget to stay hydrated
  • Please come with minimal luggage


※Please read

  1. 1.The venue has been changed

    ・The venue has been changed to "Marine Messe Fukuoka B".
    For details, please refer to "Access" on the TOP page.

    ・Minors including infants are not allowed to enter even if accompanied by a guardian.

    ・Visiting by car is strictly prohibited.

  2. 2. Tickets will be sold on the official website.

    ■ To purchase tickets, you will need to register as a user on the digital ticket system "CLOUD PASS".

      If you live overseas, please follow the on-screen instructions and enter a dummy postal code.

    ・All tickets are sold online only.

    ・There are no same-day tickets.

    ・Admission is by electronic ticket; resale of tickets is prohibited.

    ・We are not responsible for any problems with tickets purchased through resale for any reason.

    ・The number of admission tickets sold may change depending on the situation.

    Cancellations and refunds cannot be accepted after payment is completed.

    ・Each ticket can be purchased up to 5 tickets at a time with a one-time payment.

    ・Tickets can be purchased multiple times, but priority will be given to those who arrive on the day of the event for the private bottle lottery.

    ・For details, please check the Private Bottle page or the Private Bottle Lottery Application Notes page.

    ・Please be sure to retain the "Application Reception Completion Email" received from "CLOUD PASS" after payment is completed.

    ・An individual "serial code" is required to apply for a private bottle.

    The serial code is also written on the digital ticket, so please check the image for "Private Bottle Lottery Application Method" on the admission ticket purchase site.

    ・Serial code will be issued for the number of tickets purchased and will be listed in the application confirmation email.

    ・Those who received split tickets from the representative purchaser of multiple admission tickets can also enter the private bottle lottery sale.

    ・In the case of distributed tickets, the "serial code" will be notified only to the purchaser.

    ・If the recipient would like to apply for a private bottle, please let the purchaser know.

    ・Please be sure to apply for one "serial code" and a different code for each person.

    ・If you have forgotten your serial code or login information, please contact the system company directly.The secretariat cannot respond.

    >>UNIAIM info :
    >> Contact   :

    ・ [Distillery TOUR] will transition from the official website to JTB's dedicated website.

    ・Please complete the procedure from the JTB dedicated site.

    ・Please see the "Ticket" and "Seminar" page for details.

  3. 3. Applications for private bottles can only be made from the ticket screen.

    ・The reception period is [June 9th (Sunday) noon to June 23rd (Sunday) all day].

    ・Admission tickets will be managed based on the information you registered when purchasing them.

    Please log in to the digital ticket system "CLOUD PASS" and display your tickets from My Page.

    ・An application button will be displayed at the bottom left of the ticket. Please proceed to the application screen from there.

    ・You can only proceed to the application screen from the ticket.

    ・To apply, you will need the "serial code" issued for each admission ticket. Please enter the code written in the application confirmation email.

    ・Alternatively, the serial code is also written on the face of the digital ticket, so please check the image of "How to apply for private bottle lottery" on the admission ticket purchase site.

    ・You can only apply once per person.

    ・You can apply for multiple items. However, only one item is available per item.

    ・Those who have been distributed with tickets can also apply. Please ask the purchaser for the "serial code".

    ・Please be sure to check the "Private Bottle" page on the official website.

  4. 4.Please present your ticket to the staff at the entrance gate.

    ・Please log in from the URL in the ticket email and display the "ticket" from "My Page".

    ・Group admission is also possible when purchasing multiple tickets. However, you cannot apply for a private bottle. please note.

    ・If you cannot display your ticket, please present your application completion email or ID.

    ・If you purchase multiple tickets, you can enter as a group.However, only one person in this group can apply for a private bottle.

     Please be careful again.

     (If you enter individually using the tickets distributed by the representative purchaser, everyone can participate in the private bottle lottery)

    ・Group admission tickets cannot be distributed after admission procedures are completed. Please be sure to distribute numbered tickets before entering.

    ・Screenshots and printouts of electronic tickets are not available.

    ・For details, please check the "Ticket" page or "Seminar" page.

  5. 5.Please drink enough water

    ・Whisky is high alcohol. Drink plenty of water.

    ・One 500ml bottle of mineral water will be distributed free of charge per person.

    ・We will be distributing free "sample holders" that you can carry around with plastic cups filled with whiskey, etc. Please take it freely.

  7. 6. Please bring a minimum amount of hand luggage

    ・Every time something is forgotten or lost.Please come with as little luggage as possible.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.