NOTES 注意事項

NOTES 注意事項


  • Venue has been changed
  • Ticket sales are only avallable on the official website
  • Applications for private bottles will be conducted ata later date on the official website
  • Please present your ticket to the reception staff
  • Please come with minimal baggage


※Please read

  1. 1.The venue has been changed

    The venue has been changed to "Marine Messe Fukuoka B".
    For details, please refer to "Access" on the TOP page.

  2. 2.Ticket sales method has been changed

    Admission tickets and seminar tickets will be sold only on the official website. Tickets will not be sold on the day of the event.

    Since admission is by electronic ticket, unauthorized resale or transfer of tickets is not allowed. We will not be responsible for any problems with tickets purchased through resale.

    Cancellation of tickets after they have been ordered will not be accepted. No refunds will be made. Please understand this in advance.

    Please visit JTB's website for the distillery tour. Please visit the official website for more information.

    For details, please refer to the "Ticket" and "Seminar" pages.

  3. 3.Private Bottle Registration has been changed

    In order to prevent congestion and errors in filling out the application form, we have decided to stop distributing application forms at the venue as in the past, and have changed the application process to the official website.

    The application period will be from two weeks. We will inform you of the details by e-mail after your application.

    The information will be managed based on the information registered at the time of ticket purchase, so those who have not purchased a ticket will not be eligible.

    This is a countermeasure against the increasing number of fraudulent applications and resales, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  4. 4.Please present your ticket to the staff

    After purchasing tickets, we will confirm your order and send you electronic tickets by e-mail.Please present your cell phone display screen or printout at the reception desk on the day of the event.

    However, please note that we can only reissue tickets up to 4 days prior to the event.
    Please understand this in advance.

  5. 5.Please drink plenty of water

    To ensure that you drink enough water as well as whiskey, we will distribute two 500ml bottles of mineral water per person free of charge.
    One bottle will be exchanged at the entrance and the other bottle will be exchanged for a voucher so that you do not have to carry it in your luggage.

    Neck straps are not provided. We recommend that you use a commercially available neck strap or bring a shoulder bag that you do not have to carry in your hand.

  7. 6. Please bring a minimum amount of hand luggage

    We have been receiving a lot of lost and found items every time.

    We ask that you please come with a minimum amount of luggage.