TICKET チケット 2024(3/30修正)


  • To purchase tickets WEB sales only
  • Please keep your ticket email safe
  • Please keep your ticket email safe
  • Tickets can be distributed
  • Group admission is possible
  • A ticket is required to apply for a bottle
  • Please present your digital ticket at reception

    ■ To purchase tickets, you will need to register as a user on the digital ticket system "CLOUD PASS".

    "User registration here" (Currently in preparation)
  1. 1.How to Buy Tickets

    • Tickets will not be sold on the day.
    • There are two types of tickets for sale: [Admission tickets] and [Paid seminar tickets (including stall bar)], and both are [Online sales only].
    • You will be redirected from the official website to the digital ticket system "CLOUD PASS" website.Please register the necessary information and purchase.
    • You can purchase up to 5 tickets each.
    • You can only make one payment for each "admission ticket" and "paid seminar ticket."
    • The purchaser should perform the distribution procedure using the ticket distribution function. (Private bottle applications are also applicable to those who received tickets through distribution.)
    • Please keep the [Application Reception Completion Email] that you receive after payment is completed. The [serial code] listed in the email is required when applying for a private bottle.
    • The serial code is also written on the digital ticket, so please check the image for "Private Bottle Lottery Application Method" on the admission ticket purchase site.
    • Applications for private bottles can only be made from the "digital ticket". *Applications cannot be made from other accesses.
    • [Kagoshima Distillery TOUR] will transition from the official website to the JTB application site. Please complete the procedure on the JTB site.
    • For details, please refer to the Private Bottle" page.

  3. [Ticket purchase procedure]

    • ① Select the desired ticket from the [Ticket] page or [Seminar] page on the official website.
    • ② Please register your email address.
    • ③ You will receive an automatic reply email from the digital ticket system "CLOUD PASS".Please register the necessary information from the URL in the email.
    • ④ Select the desired ticket and number of tickets. Payment can be made only once per person, and up to 5 tickets can be purchased per person.Tickets can be distributed.
    • ⑤ Please complete the payment
    • ⑥ We will notify you via email that the payment has been completed. At that time, we will inform you of the [serial code] required to apply for a private bottle. Please keep this email in a safe place.
    • *[Serial code] cannot be shared. Tickets will be issued for the number of tickets purchased.
      Please use the individual serial code given to each ticket.
  4. [Notes when a representative purchases multiple admission tickets]

    • ① A URL will be issued when the ticket purchaser completes the ticket distribution procedure. Send the URL to the recipient.via email.
    • ② Click on the distribution receipt URL included in the email and register the necessary information.
    • ③ Click the ticket receipt button.
    • ④ You will receive a ticket receipt email from "CLOUD PASS".
    • ⑤ Log in and check the tickets you received from the "Ticket List" on My Page.If it is displayed, it is complete.
    • For details, please check the usage guide "04. Ticket distribution method" at the URL below.
       ■ Usage guide: https://cloud-pass.jp/about/qaMFjcbWsl/userguide.html
  5. 2. Please show your ticket to the staff

    • On the day of the event, please display your digital ticket and present it to the reception staff at the reception.
    • You can display it by logging in from the URL in the application reception completion email, accessing "My Page" and selecting "Admission Ticket" from the "Ticket List".
    • You may be required to verify your age or identity. Please bring an ID that shows your age, such as a driver's license.
    • Screenshots and printouts of tickets are not available.
    • Numbered tickets will be distributed on the day of the open seminar (Japanese). From 11:30, staff members will be walking around the line of customers waiting for the doors to open. If you are interested, please let the staff know. We will give you a numbered ticket.
    • If you have a numbered ticket for the open seminar(Japanese), you can sit down and attend the seminar while tasting. [Limited to 1 frame per person].
    • Admission will begin 10 minutes before the seminar start time.
    • Please enter the open seminar(Japanese) 5 minutes before the start.If you have not registered, your right to attend will be transferred to a person on the waiting list. Please note.
    • Please cooperate by entering the paid seminar(Master Class&Special Tasting)by the start time.
    • Please refer to the Private Bottle" page for details.


    Payment methods are as follows

    クレジットカード決済 Paypay決済 Paidy決済

    • ■ 4/9 AM10:00 Additional sales start
      Admission Ticket Buy Now
    • ■ 4/9 AM10:00 Additional sales start
      Seminar Ticket Buy Now

    • ■ 4/9 AM10:00 Additional sales start
      kagoshima4Dtour 2023

    1. Procedures for reception and admission on the day of the event

      • Alignment
      • Ticket
      • Wristband
      • Seminar venue
      • Staff instructions
      • 1.You will not be able to enter the venue building until the gates open. Please follow the staff's instructions and wait outside the venue.
      • 2.Registration will be held at the entrance of the venue hall. Please prepare your admission ticket in advance.
      • 3.OShow your ticket to the reception staff. We will process the reception.
      • 4. The seminar venue is on the 2nd floor. Please use the stairs or elevator.
      • 5.When checking in, the staff will place a wristband on your wrist. Please do not remove it until you return as you will need it when re-entering.
      • 6.Please follow the staff's instructions. If you do not listen, you may be asked to leave the venue. Please note.
      • 7.If you have any questions, please ask the staff at the "Information" booth.
      • <Caution>

        If you purchase a group ticket for up to 5 people, you can enter as a group without having to split the tickets. However, with this method, only one representative per group can apply for a private bottle. If you wish to avoid this, you must receive split tickets from the ticket purchasing representative before you pass through the entrance gate.